Siapa sangka semasa Planet Krypton hampir musnah JOR-EL telah melepaskan sebuah lagi kapal angkasa selepas KAL-EL yang berjaya mendarat di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Anaknya ini dinamakan Syahr-El...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Points to Ponder: People's Mentality

Hmmm it's been awhile since my last rants about life. The last was when I was with the Blood Sucking Sicko Company. No don't get me wrong here, I am VERY happy at the new company. People are treating me well (like they always do) and my bosses are just great and understanding. Ye lah since I still haven't started driving so I depend on KN to drive me around for meetings and if KN is not involved in the same project, I will usually tumpang someone who drives.

My concern is with some people's mentality - mentality orang kerja kerajaan ni... hmmm bukan semua tapi most of them yang Kal El pernah deal (usually people with power) ada masalah ni. When I say orang kerja kerajaan, that includes GLCs. When I was with the previous company I worked very closely with people from this one particular Ministry. In this new company pulak I work closely with a number of GLCs.

GLC ke, pure kerajaan ke, semua mentality sama - they have no respect for people's time. Janji tu satu hal la... kata meeting starts at 9am but pukul 10 pun tak sampai lagi, or if they're already present - sigh - nak pi breakfast dulu. What the heck? Then tak sampai 30 minutes after the meeting started, nak kene berhenti minum pula. Dah la cenggitu they call for meetings tak kira masa and with such short notice. Like we're suppose to kneel infront of the King when summoned pulok.

Furthermore masa meeting mesti nak ada makan - hello! Are you attending to discuss business ke or nak makan? Tak cukup-cukup makan kat rumah or the government is paying you too little to afford good food? Please do understand that those who work in the private sector bukan hanya attach to one project at a time. It is usally multiple projects and kalau dah selalu attend meetings, workshops (ni lagi satu membazir) and each meeting makan masa sampai 6 jam - when la kerja nak siap? Talking about workshops - what the heck - can't they just have meetings and discussions at their offices? That would save travelling time and costs - ye la dah kerja buat cara kerja, you need to be in the 'working' environment to think bukan at some beach resort - itu environment untuk 'leisure', if you know what I mean.

My colleagues pun ada juga yang mentality macam tu - get over exited when they're asked to join the workshops - hey, set you priorities right - nak kerja ke nak pi jalan? One of my office mates ni pula ambil kesempatan - that would be the time he can play golf - guna ticket entertaining clients kononnya... kononnya la kan... hayooo!

I have however came across very efficient people from the government sector and GLCs and too bad these people's reputation are tarnished becaused of the few who likes to take advantage of others. To them employees of private sector are highly paid sampaikan there was one project I was involved in with one Ministry in 2003, ada ke officer tu dengan selamba minta Kal El bawakan dia Starbucks coffee and cheesecake bila Kal El datang mengadap! Ahahah takde pasal la Kal El nak buat macam tu.

Kal El bukan nak buka pekong sesiapa.. just some points for us to ponder.

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