Siapa sangka semasa Planet Krypton hampir musnah JOR-EL telah melepaskan sebuah lagi kapal angkasa selepas KAL-EL yang berjaya mendarat di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Anaknya ini dinamakan Syahr-El...

Friday, July 31, 2009

DVD @ Summit USJ

Malam tadi adalah sesi menghabeskan duit gaji lagi huhuhuh... telah pergi ke Summit USJ dan sopping DVD! Dah lama dah tak pi sini sebenarnya. The last time was last year I think, long before my legs were amputated.

Berikut adalah senarai DVD yang telah ku beli kui kui kui... layan movies la this weekend - sorang-sorang ler nampaknye!

1. Pulau Hantu 2 (Indonesian)
2. Histeria (Malay)- original tau ni...
3. Hantu Jeruk Gendung (Indonesian)
4. Hantu Ambulance (Indonesian)
5. Obsessed
6. Pink Panther 2
7. Land of The Lost
8. War Wolf
9. Angels and Demons
10. dan lagi... dan lagi... dan lagiii (tak hengat sebenarnye banyak sangat heheheheh)

Kal El: Puas ati aku dah belanja tak tentu hala...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A very good friend of mine, Soraya a.k.a Yaya posted this video link on her Facebook early this morning - damn, she made me all teary eyed pepagi kat opes ni, nasib baik Kal El tengah makan nasi lemak pedas, bleh ler cover-cover with the sok sek sok sek menahan sedeh...

This video I dedicate to KN whom I love so much - it's the little things that you do for me that would remind me of you and your love till the end.


"Funeral" is a new TV commerical launched by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) which looks at relationships in a different light, through a woman at her husband's funeral. Ultimately, the TVC celebrates the beautiful imperfections that make a relationship perfect. ...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodbye Yasmin Ahmad

I cried, I just don't know why…it's just so sad.
No more good Malaysian movies to look forward to I guess
That's why.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Yasmin, Get Well Real Soon!

It was a rather shocking news when Along sent me a text asking whether it was true Yasmin Ahmad had passed away? The only thing that I could think of then was, oh dear, another talented individual gone. No more nice movies after this and that I'll miss her work. I was desperate to find out the truth in this and got my answer later yesterday night. The news however was not at all a pleasant one - However, Alhamdulillah Yasmin's still alive but she had had a stroke earlier today and had undergone a brain surgey to remove a hemorrhage in the brain.

For someone who has had a stroke attack two years ago, I know that a stroke attack is serious enough to cause concern and with hemorrhaging - it could be fatal, worse still she could end up a vege - God forbids!

Well, whatever it is I am glad that Yasmin is in stable condition although she is reported ly critical. To Yasmin, whether you're reading this or not, KN and I (apparently we are a couple of your millions of Yasmin loving fans) hope and pray for your speedy recovery so that you can come back 'capturing Malaysia's racial harmony' in your movies and advertisements - we'll be waiting for your return dear Yasmin. All the best! InsyaAllah.

The following is taken from

July 23, 2009 23:17 PM

Yasmin Ahmad In Stable Condition Following Emergency Surgery

KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 (Bernama) -- Prominent film director Yasmin Ahmad who collapsed while presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the TV3 television station Thursday, is in stable condition at the intensive care unit of the Damansara Specialist Hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

According to her brother-in-law, Datuk Dr Zakaria Zahari, Yasmin suffered a stroke and haemorrhaging in the brain.

"Her heart is being supported by drugs to control blood pressure...the next few hours are extremely important but now she is stable even though she is still unconscious," he said.

The hospital has yet to issue a statement on her condition.

Meanwhile, popular singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and her husband Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa who were also present when Yasmin was presenting the paper, said Yasmin complained of not feeling well 15 minutes into her presentation.

"She had started the presentation at 3pm and when she did not feel so good sat down and placed her head on a table.

"A few seconds later, we tried to wake her when we found she was having difficulty breathing," he told reporters when met at the hospital.

Siti said after Yasmin was laid down in a supine position, a TV3 worker contacted a panel doctor of the station who gave her the initial treatment.

She said Yasmin was then rushed to the hospital where she arrived at 3.45pm.

"Only on arriving at the hospital did Yasmin showed some response," she said.

Tan Kean Ang, a friend and manging director of the Leo Burnett advertising agency, said Yasmin had been fine the morning and had exchanged jokes with staff at the office.

"I was surprised when this happened," he said, adding that he was in discussions with Yasmin on several projects which also involved Siti and her husband.

Yasmin's movie "Sepet" won critical international acclaim and her advertisement creations have been hits among Malaysians.


Photo (c)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Puas Hati Aku!

Huhuhu puas hati Kal El! Sebab apa?

Duit dah abes pi soppppiinnnggggg - lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal

Semalam pi tukar radio Ms. Livvy - takde le yang mahal branded punya. Korean made je, touch screen with Mp3, Mp4, DVD, CD, SD card etc etc...

So apa yang Kal El beli? Ada la shirt Alain Delon 2 pasang dan suar keje Alain Delon jugak 2 pasang. KN beli baju 2. Pastu we bought a silk comforter set - harga asal tu RM800+ tu hari ni dapat RM160+ je (kuang kuang kuang). Beli stok towel - memang perangai Kal El suka simpan towel (ikut perangai arwah Mummy la ni) dan jugak beli bantal sebijik... oh ya, beli comforter set tu dapat la bantal free sebijik... lagi beli apa ya... oh yes, beli cadar 2 set.

Ok ler... plan nak ajak KN singgah Jusco lagi petang karang nak sopping grocery plak - hari ni belanja untung ler (untung ke duit abes?) sebab every RM100 spent dapat RM10 voucher - takde expiry date tu yang best tu... point JCard pun dapat jugak...

Kal El: Nasib baik gaji dah dekat ahahahaha kalau tak gugur jugak rambut ni... hmm baru 2 bulan lepas pi Jusco Fiesta hehehehe

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Mini Reunion with Ex Roomies

Dalam hidup Kal El hanya ada beberapa orang yang Kal El amat sayang dan anggap sebagai kawan hingga ke akhir hayat. Among them, are my ex roomates semasa Kal El belajar di Seksyen 18 Shah Alam tahun 1993 - 1995 dulu. Pada Kal El, merekalah yang memahami isi hati, perangai, kemahuan serta peribadi Kal El. Bagi Kal El I will go to the end of the world for them. Mereka ini tak lain dan tak bukan adalah Mahid, Wan, Shazril and my neighbours then, Roy and Zurry. Memang Kal El ramai kawan lain tapi this particular set of friends that I have are the most special ones - the people whom I trust my darkest secrets with.

Mahid and I

Last weekend we had a small reunion but too bad only three of us were there; Mahid from Labuan and Roy from Selayang (heheheh). Memang walaupun Roy dekat tapi bukan selalu dapat bertemu. Wan is currently persuing his doctorate (InsyaAllah he'll be the first to hold the title pak Doktor) and had to go back to his wife for the weekend. Shaz who is currently in Bangkok working pulak missed the reunion by a week - only the week before he was here but tak sempat pun jumpa sesiapa. Zurry on the other hand sedang menjalankan tangggungjawab di KK. So last weekend the small reunion we had was a happy occassion indeed walaupun tak cukup curoum.

Roy and I

The day started with Roy and me pergi ke kedai accesory kereta for our Livvy (oh we have the exact same Livina - same colour, same model, same everything!) then we picked Mahid up from the Wangsa Maju LRT station and went eagerly straight to Melawati for durians! Lepas la rindu kawan aku sorang tu pada durian sebab kat Labuan tak dapek katanya. Aku pun dapat ler makan Pulasan yang ku idam-idamkan (ada sejarah buah ni) dan juga manggis - best!

Halim (Roy's Brother), Roy and Mahid at TGV KLCC

Malam pulak we went to KLCC for Harry Potter. First we had dinner kat Signatures Foodcourt and then movies. Mahid spent the night at my place that night (morning sebenarnye, balik rumah at 3am after lepak-lepak at mamak in Melawati). Before sending him off the next day to be with his loved one, Mahid and I had breakfast at McDonalds Ampang.

Mahid, Kal El and Roy

It was a short reunion but it was indeed a happy one. I just hope one day we could all gather - no one missing from the picture, for at least a meal together - for old times sake.

Kal El: I love you Roy, Mahid, Shazril, Wan and Zurry. Thank you for the friendship!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Right now, i really and badly need a HOBBY! I am just easily bored tapi tak tau nak buat apa. Ever since I lost my leg and have to go on dialysis 4 times a day I have become so malas tapi cepat betul bosan.

I need a hobby especially on weekends, something that could distract me from feeling lonely tapi Kal El tak nak a hobby that needs to use money - bukan kedekut tapi if a hobby takes up some portion from my income and later on stresses me up, I don't really call that a hobby. Lagipun I have better needs to use my money for medical supplies and what nots related to being sick - costly I tell you gaji juta-juta pun takkan cukup!

I wanna do something yang, well, not totally free and not too expensive either, suitable for a handicapped like me. Also suitable for someone who has to have a clean and sterile place for dialysis every five to six hourly. Hmmmm apa ek, oh yes, and something that does not confine me within these four walls that I call my home - cerewet tapi that's what I need right now - to go out!

Not that I hate being at home but I have stayed home too much lately and I want to see the world and enjoy my life like I used to. I miss those days when I was free to do and go wherever I want. Now that I have Ms. Livvy I think I am a step closer to being 'free' tapi do not know what I want to do exactly.

I wish that I can have my dearest on weekends but that is just impossible. I am not sure whether my dearest really spend time with the family or with friends or god knows who but it is impossible to get this love of my life to be here on weekends with me. Simply couldn't or refuse to, I just don't know. Worse still, lately my dearest returns home very late on Sundays - the more reason why I need to get out and enjoy myself, alone.

Movies? Maybe not. I have been watching too much movies and sitcoms ever since I got sick - imagine watching 4 - 5 movies every weekend? Boleh muntah lor sampai nak tulis review dalam ni pun dah tak lalu. Furthermore I rather go to the movies with my better half.

So, whoever is reading this and if you think you know me, or even if you do not personally know me, if you know what I like, maybe what I used to like doing (banyak dah hilang ingatan sekarang ni) please, suggest me a hobby. I thank you if you do. I really need a hobby real soon for my sanity.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ms Livvy and Me

My Grand Livina arrived on Saturday sharp at noon - the delivery was superbly fast - very impressed with this Sales Assistant, David (the same guy who sold Roy his GL) - my loan was approved within a day and the delivery the week after!

I love the car, indeed love it so much - the fact that I now have two cars to maintain scares me though - but what the heck, one is for KN to use and this one, I need it to transport the PD solution from HKL and what's most important is so that I will be able to drive again! What's better is that both Mr. Kellu (My first car) and Ms. Livvy here share the same number - WKT 1048 and WST 1048!

Well, that's what I've done - I've driven for the first time in more than a year! Takutttt sangat especially when I have to drive using my left foot and while my right prosthethic is detached - susah nak drive with a feeling-less leg getting into the way. Tapi ok la boleh la slow2 heheh dah tak gang ho macam dulu la... kene la bersopan santun driving sekarang ni. So therefore, I have decided that I do not need the modification done after all... yey jimat RM3k!

This morning, Ms. Livvy telah menjalankan tugasnya yang pertama mengangkut kotak-kotak PD solution untuk dialysis Kal El. Sebanyak 24 kotak seberat 12.5 kilo sekotak telah diangkut dengan jayanya oleh Ms. Livvy heheheh. This will be her once a month routine.

Kal El: Hopes for the best - mampu bekerja dan bayo hutang ahahahah...

Monday, July 6, 2009

French Toast Bercili

Haaa... weekend yang baru lepas ni Kal El mallllaaaaassss sangat nak memasak, so I decided to prepare something really simple but filling la jugak... French Toast for dinner hehehe tapi French Toast ni special sket sebab ada letak blended cili... so pedas ler sket..

Ikut preference French Toast versi Kal El ni boleh campur macam-macam. Letak garam saja pun boleh, letak gula saja pun boleh ataupun campur garam dan gula for an extra kick. This time Kal El campurkan garam dan blended cili ... ikut kreativiti ler.

So cara nak membuatnye, you will need:

Roti, of course
Cili basah di blend

Pukul telur, garam dan cili basah. Rendamkan roti ke dalam campuran tadi (toksah lama-lama, kejap je janji semua bahagian roti basah). Gorengkan dalam kuali atau frying pan kalau ada tanpa menggunakan minyak yang banyak. But make sure kuali tu panas. Buat French Toast ni kene jaga tak bleh main tinggal-tinggal nanti hangus, ok?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nasi Kerabu @ Krua Amani Restaurant

This restaurant in Bukit Antarabangsa was formerly known as KruaThai - the reason for the name change according to the owner was because they didn't want to promote Thailand hmmm... but it's selling Thai food kan? Takpe la, we'll consider the menu a Kelantanese menu lah...

A special menu they offer in line with their new name is Nasi Kerabu. A really tasty dish complete with Telur Asin, Solok and Daging Bakar. It's nice and I wouldn't mind having this dish again next time.

I also had oxtail soup which was really yummy... KN had Tomyam Campur (as usual) with Telur Dadar and White Rice.

Krua Amani is offering new menu to their line of tasty food like Som Tham, Keropok Lekor and many other Kelantanese/Thai based food galore.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nasi Goreng Cili Padi

Whenever I am alone on weekends I would usually prepare very simple and malas meals. Memang menjadi kebiasaan Kal El sediakan blended cili padi, cili kering dan cili basah, bawang putih dan bawang merah dalam freezer in tupperwares - keje orang malas la ni. So, bila weekends especially, nak menggoreng nasi ke, senang le, amik je benda-benda yang dah diblend awal-awal tadi terus start masak...pemalas kan Kal El ni? Ahahah dah cooking for one je... nak buat macamana la kan...?

So last weekend Kal El dengan rajinnya telah memasak nasi dan menggoreng Nasi Goreng Cili Padi untuk diri sendiri. Haaaa memang sungguh pedas sehingga terbakar anak tekak ni! Ada plak sayur kacang buncis dalam fridge so campak ler sekali dalam nasik goreng tu... yang membuatkan ianya lebih enak (chewah puji masakan sendiri nampak) ialah kehadiran potongan bawang merah yang besar-besar dan telur yang berketul-ketul - haaa kalau nak goreng nasi, scramblekan dulu telur, letak tepi, goreng nasi dan last sekali baru campurkan telur - kalau masukkan telur selepas masukkan nasi, nanti benyek tak sedap...heheheh ok lah, selamat melihat gambar makanan yang telah masuk ke dalam perut Kal El (dan kemungkinan besar juga telah kembali keluar semuanya euuuuuwwww!

Kalau teringin nak mencuba, begini caranya:

Nasi (Sejuk better)
Cili Padi di blend
Bawang putih di blend
Bawang Merah di blend
Bawang Merah potong besar
Sayur Kacang Buncis

First Scramblekan telur dan asingkan. Tumis bawang putih sehingga naik bau, masukkan bawang merah yang di blend dan bawang merah yang dipotong besar dan tumis sehingga wangi. Masukkan cili padi dan tumis sehingga agak garing. Masukkan nasi, gaul sehingga rata, campurkan telur yang discramble tadi kemudian letak garam secukup rasa... Ngap! dah bleh makan dah...heheheh

It's Coming!

It's coming! It's coming! (bukan I'm cumming ek.. hehehe) - remember I wrote about getting a Grand Livina for myself? It is indeed mine now - getting the car this coming Saturday morning. And what's best - I got the number that I want... yahooo!

So right now ni asik duk berangan je la drive keta baru walau pada hakikatnya I won't be able to drive until JPJ approves the modification which may take 2 months. So gigit jari je la tengok KN rasmikan dulu hehehe. But I vow to try driving the auto Livina jugak to see whether I can drive afterall without the modification - kalau tak perlu, jimat nearly RM3k tu, boleh la upgrade bagai hehehe...

As a matter of fact petang tadi Kal El dengan tak sabarnya telah menelefon SA tu dan tanya whether the car can be delivered today or tomorrow ahahaha buat malu je si tak penyabar ni kan? Whatever it is, Kal El kene berlaku adil dengan the existing car - since I am not letting go of the car that has sentimental value to me... nanti dia merajuk kang. Talking about merajuk, hari tu dia dah kene langgar, kene gesel sebenarnya dengan lori Nationwide Express - nasib baik sikit je tapi calar la jugak.

I believe benda-benda mechanical ni ada perasaan. So KN and I try our best to avoid talking about the new car (or never to mention it's the new car that we're talking about) in the old car. Dulu pun bapa Kal El pernah kene. He bought a new car and asik cakap pasal keta baru dia when his old car kene langgar teruk terus tak boleh jual... huhuhu I don't want the same to happen to this old car yang dah banyak berjasa pada Kal El, moreover I am not selling it pun.

So ok lah, kene la tunggu lagi 2 hari nampaknye...

Kal El: Sabar itu separuh dari iman...huhuhu nak keta baruuuu!

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